It's Friggin' Hot

I'm having some wicked hot flashes. Usually they come about when I'm tired or sleeping but still in this Houston Heat and Humidity......ohhh just throw some ice on me now! God better pless me when I'm going through menopause and not give me these nasty hot flashes again!

Chemo round 4 is going....i almost forgot what being on chemo was like after my little chemo vacation. UGGG it's a nasty feeling. 1 more day this week....1 more day this week......

Doing the Happy Dance!

Sooooooooooo.......Oh yea! Do the happy dance with me guys. Uh huh! Uh huh! Break it on down. U! h! huh! U! h! huh! woo woo! woo woo!

Tuesday I had an appointment to go over my PET scan results. My Parents and Lionel went with me, we sat in the small exam room and waited for a while. Again like the first appointment with Dr. A as we waited we joked around and again my dad, Lionel and I managed of offend my mom. She must think we joke to much.

What wasn't a joke, was Dr. A walking into the room giving me a high five. This is a good sign! This is a very good sign!! We then go over my PET scans, and they look sooo cool! In March Dr.A didn't show me my PET Scan, and to be fair I didn't ask to see. I'm glad now I didn't see the images in March cause HOLY COW there was bright cancerus areas that seemed to be huge and all over the place. I think seeing those images first going into chemo and being newly diagnosed would have scared the crap out of me.

Their was such a difference in the cancerus areas between the old PET scan and the one from a few Fridays ago. The cancerus areas are gone...yep that's right I said it.... The cancer is gone!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm only halfway through treatment and we have already succeeded in killing the cancer!

I am so happy and estatic and just full of joy and glee. It's taken me a few days to post about this cause it's taken me a few days to stop crying about it. haha..happy tears of course.

Thank you everyone for all your support and prayers. I know that Gods hands are weaving my cancer story. As he answers prayers the blanket weaves tighter and stronger. Praise God in all of this, and may be bless all of you.

So where do we go from i mentioned above I'm only at the halfway point of treatment and already the cancer is yep....more treatment. I have 4 more rounds to go. The good news is that Dr. A is giving me a break between each round. WOOHOO!! I will have about a week and half off between will look a little something like this.

6/8- no chemo
6/9- still no chemo
6/10- Chemo round 5 Day 1 about 3hours in THE CHAIR and I come home with Flo (Lionel and I now refer to her as Flo the Bitch) and a handful of chemo pills
6/11- Chemo Round 5 Day 2 about 90mins in the chair and Flo goes back to her locker and a handful of chemo pills
6/12- Chemo Round 5 day 3 about 90mins in the chair and a handful of chemo pills and a handful of chemo pills
6/13- Chemo Round 5 day 4 handfull of chemo pills
6/14- Chemo Round 5 day 5 handfull of chemo pills

6/15- Chemo Round 5 day 6 handfull of chemo pills
6/16-Chemo Round 5 day 7 handfull of chemo pills
6/17- Chemo Round 5 day 8 Flo comes home with me, and about 30mins in the chair
6/18- DONE with this round of chemo Flo goes back to her locker
6/19- rest
6/20- rest
6/21- rest


7/1 the process starts all over again........ But I'm almost done! The end is near!